-19 (Record Low for Dec. 14-15)

Posted December 15th 2008

Category: Weather

About 5 inches of snow fell on Dec. 13. The temperature kept dropping. On Sunday Dec. 14 during the day the temperature was around 0. Once the sun went down the temperature kept dropping. At 6pm the temperature dropped to -15 F. Clearing skies, light wind and the snow cover helped aid the drop in temperature after sunset. This is the coldest air I have ever felt... a taste of arctic air. It is like an extreme ice box. When breathing into the cold air, breath fog can be seen everywhere.

Denver set a record low temperature 2 days in a row. The coldest I see it got is -19 F and it was around this temperature transitioning from Dec. 14 to Dec. 15. This breaks the previous low temperature for both days.

Below is the NWS temperature data going from Dec. 14 in the evening into Dec. 15 around midday.