Zero Degrees

Posted Tuesday January 22, 2008

Category: Weather

The coldest temperature I have ever felt has happened! Zero Degrees Fahrenheit. The 40's in Texas and Mississippi look so warm!! :)

I got up Monday morning to work out and walked to the apartment gym. I noticed, wow does it feel cold. When I got back to the apartment I looked up the temperature and it was 8 F! There was light snow falling during the night and day. The snow is so fine it looks like powder. It is the driest snow I have seen. I was surprised how well the truck started up, although it took about a half-second longer to start that usual and I gave it some time to warm up. The temperature stayed around 10 F during the day and when the sun went down the temperature started the retreat toward zero. And it got there at midnight! Below is map showing the 0 degree F temperature in Denver with the cold air spilling down toward the south. The air is so cold it just sucks the heat out of exposed skin. The wind is not that strong though or it would really feel incredibly cold.

It has happened, ZERO!!