80's one day, snowing the next!

Posted October 31, 2007

Category: Weather

Saturday afternoon (October 20): Another Colorado low developing! One weather feature I was looking forward to when moving out here is the wild crazy weather swings. This is a classic one setting up. It is in the 80's for highs today and it will be snowing the next! Below is the Colorado conditions on Saturday afternoon. It is 77 F in Denver after high's peaking in the low 80's. At the bottom of this webpage are the forecast models (comparing forecast conditions between Saturday and Sunday afternoons). Notice the wild temperature swing and the low pressure coming out of the mountains bringing rain and snow to Colorado. The next day I will continue the story and let you know what happened here in the Denver area. Right now I am going to go for a jog and enjoy the warm temperatures in the 70's. Today is jogging in shorts and tomorrow I will be watching snow! :)

Saturday afternoon conditions (October 20):

Sunday (October 21): It snowed! The variation in snow across the Denver area was remarkable. The north side where I am had an inch or less while the south side had several inches. A higher elevation and more upslope contributes to heavier snow on the south side. While it was snowing south of Denver all night it wasn't until around morning that it changed over to snow where I am in Brighton. Below are 2 pictures of the snow from my apartment and 2 pictures of the aftermath of the snow on the south side of Denver.

The snow coming down on Sunday at the Habytime apartment

Total snow accumulation of 0.5" at the apartment (it all melted 2 hours later)

South side of Denver gets 4+ inches of snow that stays on the ground throughout Sunday and Monday

A view from an office building tower showing the snow with white cap Rockies in background

Models from Saturday showing snow event setting up