1st Colorado Low

Posted October 13, 2007

Category: Weather

My first experience with the Colorado low! That's what Habytime is talking about!

The Colorado low brings precipitation, wind and wild weather. If this was November Habytime would get to see a big snow. With this October low I will see rain and wind in the Denver area. The mountains will get a big snow though.

The two panels below show the development of the Colorado low on the forecast models this past weekend over a 24 hour period. On the first panel notice the isobars packing over Colorado and the precipitation increasing over the weekend. The second panel show the 500 mb model panels. Notice the circulations tightens over Colorado.

The classic features of the Colorado low are low pressure development in the lee of Rockies, precipitation and wind. The low strengthens and then pulls on out toward the east. Colorado lows that are slow movers or stationary can bring big snows and rain to Colorado.

Post analysis: Denver got heavy rain on Saturday (over 2 inches). The rain amounts were lighter than this in Brighton. Areas of thunderstorms with some hail developed in the front range, some areas got record daily rainfalls for the date and the mountains got heavy snow. Temperature were in the 40s across the Denver area during the event.