High, Dry and Mild

Posted October 12, 2007

Category: Weather

The late September and early October weather pattern has been high, dry and mild. No longer did I have my daily afternoon thunderstorms to watch. Most days were sunny with very low dewpoints. This is the driest air I have ever experienced when it comes to the dewpoint depression, which is the difference between the temperature and dewpoint. In the chart below note the Denver conditions. The temperature is 82 F with a dewpoint of 14 F. That is a dewpoint depression of 82 - 14 = 68 units of Fahrenheit temperature. Dewpoint depression is a temperature difference and not a temperature. With a dewpoint depression spread that large I had to go outside and feel what it is like. I went for a 3 mile run at the time of the chart below. It took a while before I could start sweating. The air is so dry that perspiration evaporates quickly. The temperatures have been so mild it is hard to believe that snow is just one month away. The trees are now turning colors, days getting shorter and the sun angle is getting lower. I have been enjoying the nice weather but I will even enjoy it more next month when the winter storms get cranking!