August Weather Photos

Posted August 31, 2007

Category: Weather

This is a photo of a decaying storm. You can see the anvil beginning to evaporate away. The sun shining directly on the storm top gives it a very bright appearance. The confined look of the anvil moving out in all directions is an indication the upper level winds are fairly weak.

Monsoonal moisture working in aloft helps contribute to the development of afternoon thunderstorms. In the monsoonal weather pattern there are afternoon storms just about every day. This was the case for the first half of August. The second half of August has been drier but some afternoons still have scattered thunderstorms. The mountains help lift the air and this is one reason afternoon storms will develop. The photo below is of one of the afternoon storms from my balcony. A couple of times in August I saw it raining while the sun was still out in a clear portion of the sky. This is the classic setup to see a rainbow.