Buffalo Trip

Posted August 16, 2008

Category: Haby News

I went to Buffalo, New York for a funeral and to visit and tour the area. My trip started with a flight from Denver International Airport to Atlanta. Then from Atlanta it was on the Buffalo. The first photo below is inside the Denver airport.

The best flight was the one from Denver to Atlanta. Denver started clear. While flying toward the east the cumulus cloud cover increased. There were several thunderstorms around Atlanta. The next two pictures are cumulus from the airplane.

Buffalo is known for the awesome food. Whether it is pizza, waffle custard cones or Buffalo wings it is all delicious. The family whose life we were honoring had a Bocce's pizza tradition. We had several delicious Bocce's pizzas. I just can't believe how good the pizza is in Buffalo.

Here is suited Habytime's arrival to the funeral. We honored the lives of two incredible people known for first class hospitality, family and love.

There are HUGE cemeteries in Buffalo. There is a tradition of big family plots and beautiful headstones. Here is Habytime on the cemetery grounds.

For a couple of days I visited places around Buffalo important to my friend's family. We also made a full day of it at Niagara Falls visiting both the American and Canadian sides. Here is Habytime in front of the Falls.

This next picture is of the horseshoe falls on the Canadian side.

Here is as close as you can get to a view of the water falling down. This proves how good gravity does work.

This concludes the trip. Buffalo, New York and even Canada experienced Habytime!