Family Visit

Posted August 17, 2008

Category: Haby News

In July I got to have some visitors. It was a great time showing off Colorado and touring around the area. First we checked out the Habytime apartment and then went to Boulder, Colorado.

Here I am in Boulder, Colorado. They don't call it Boulder for nothing.

We went to the famous Teahouse in Boulder. The weather was warm and sunny. Actually it was very hot. It was easy to sweat.

Habytime in front of the courthouse

Here I am sitting in a "hand" chair.

The next day we went into the mountain areas west of Denver. First was a visit to the Buffalo Bill museum. There is a great gift shop there also. The Buffalo Bill grave is below.

There is a museum that covers the life and times of Buffalo Bill.

Lookout mountain where Buffalo Bill is buried is at about a 7,000 foot elevation. There are beautiful views overlooking the plains to the east and Golden, Colorado.

Here are more pictures from the Buffalo Bill museum.

Habytime's birth control looks... failed attempt to be sexy cowboy.

When driving we came across a herd of Colorado wildlife.

We next drove higher into the mountains. We stopped to look at some antiques.

Later we drove back to Denver and walked around 16th street mall until it was feeling like heat stroke time. It was a hot day in Denver.

That concludes the visit.