Posted May 25, 2008

Category: Haby News

I enjoy going on long jogs. At least every other day I will go on a 4.5 mile jog. I have a jogging path I go through each time. I try to complete the jog in less than 40 minutes each time and I usually do. The pictures below will take you on a jog with Habytime. I start in front of the apartment complex. Since there were storms this day I tried to include clouds in the photos. This was the same day tornadoes hit north of town. The photo below is near the start line. You can see the clouds bubbling up in the background.

I jog through one side of a neighborhood to the other. I am about 0.5 miles into the job below.

Next, I turn a corner and jog along a road toward the next neighborhood.

I then jog through another neighborhood where I main road splits it in half.

About 1.5 miles into the jog it opens up to fields and homes with big yards.

Below I am about 2 miles into the jog. In the distance is a cemetery that is the half way point. It reminds me of the impermanence of life and to enjoy each moment of life.

Next, I go back the same way I came. Time to head back to the apartment complex and complete the Habytime jog.

I hope you enjoyed your jog with Habytime!