Presidential Race

Posted February 18, 2008

Category: Haby News

It is down to Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and John McCain. In all likelihood one of these three characters will be the next president of the United States. John McCain (the Republican) has enormous experience and is a war hero. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama (the Democrats) are in a fight for the Democratic nomination.

Barack Obama is running an inspiring campaign focusing on American hope, health care, ending the war in Iraq, and moving away from the George W. Bush politics. Hillary Clinton focuses on the same issues with the bonus (or disadvantages) of the Clinton name and legacy. The race is close, with Obama with the momentum. With the Clintons' in a corner, the negative attack ads are coming. The Clintons' will not go down without a fight for every last vote. Obama has political savy. When attacked, Obama attacks right back.

John McCain will have problems in the general election. Much of the country is frustrated with the George W. Bush foreign policy (such as Iraq war) and economic issue problems within the country. Many Republicans are not enthusiastic about McCain because of his problem of trying to bridge together the different wings of the Republican party. John McCain is either conservative enough or not conservative enough depending on which Republican you talk to. Also, Independents see George W. Bush's policy failures and link that with the policies John McCain has. It will take a historic effort for John McCain to win the presidential election. He may have an easier time winning against Hillary Clinton since Hillary Clinton will unite the Republican party against her winning. Obama on the other hand is more likely to pull more independents, moderates and even some Republicans into his campaign.

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton both want mandatory health care insurance for all children. The difference is that Clinton wants all adults covered with mandatory health insurance also. Obama wants more of a focus on lowering costs and does not favor mandatory coverage for all adults since it is unrealistic. Both Clinton and Obama want to start bringing troops home from Iraq shortly after taking office. The difference that Obama points out in debates is that before the Iraq war began he was against giving George W. Bush authorization to go to war while Hillary Clinton granted Bush the authority with her vote. Barack Obama has a talent for giving inspiring, uplifting, hope filled speeches. The Obama campaign is an uplifting effort that has brought enthusiasm and new voters to the Democratic party. Hillary Clinton focus on her experience and legacy and through that she points out she can get more done effectively while in office.

The Democratic convention will be in the Denver, Colorado this summer! I look forward to that.