A Habytime Holiday Season

Posted January 6, 2008

Category: Haby News

The last week before I went to Texas for winter holiday travels there were a couple of good snows in Denver. After one of the snows some of the snow melted on the truck and then refroze overnight. The next day I could not get into the truck. All the door were frozen shut! I was finally able to pry open one of the back doors with a snow measuring ruler. In this photo I am getting the snow off the truck.

Speaking of the snow measuring ruler. It measured about 5 inches of fresh snow at a local park on December 9th. Also notice "Habytime tracks"

Before my trip to Texas I did plenty of Christmas shopping in Denver. The photo below was taken at the Flatirons mall at a Christmas holiday store.

For the holiday season I took a trip to Texas to see family. On my way toward Texas in southern Colorado I traveled through Starkville, CO! Colorado has a Starkville also: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Starkville,_Colorado. After many mile I reached my Texas destination and family. Below are "suited Habytime" and "Habytime Santa"

My adventures took me all the way down to the Alamo in San Antonio. Habytime was looking for that basement in the Alamo (you get it? if not see Pee Wee's Big Adventure on DVD). Here I am in front of the most visited tourist attraction for out of towners in the entire state of Texas. The famous saying is: Remember the Alamo!!!

I was in San Antonio to see a Bowl Game: Texas A&M University playing Penn State University. Below is a photo inside the Alamo Dome and a photo of the celebration with fireworks and balloons at the end of the game. Penn State ended up winning the game 24-17.

After the holiday visiting, food, adventures, and bowl game watching it was time to head back to Denver, Colorado. When I was about 30 miles outside of Denver driving in on my way back from Texas I could see Mountains in the distance and snow covered plains with yellow grass showing through but with no sign of buildings or houses. I started wondering "where is Denver?". As I got closer (like in a Harry Potter movie) the city of Denver like magic started unfolding itself. More and more of the city came into view as I got closer. The valleys seemed to stretch out and unfold all the suburbs and downtown. I am back in my magical fantasy land :) Below is a photo about 30 miles east of Denver heading toward Denver and waiting for Denver to unfold itself between the mountains and plains.