Oklahoma-Colorado Football Game

Posted September 30, 2007

Category: Haby News

On Saturday September 29th I went to the Oklahoma at Colorado college football game. I have been looking forward to this game for months because I went to Oklahoma and now I am living in Colorado. There were 1000's of OU fans at the game. I got tickets on the 20 yard line and 31 rows up. I went with a friend that teaches and goes to school at CU. Just about the whole game was played on the side of the field I was sitting on including the ending dramatics. The weather was perfect. A few high clouds with a temperature around 70 F. Oklahoma was ranked #3 in the nation coming into the game and was favored to win by about 24 points. The photo below was taken shortly after I entered the stadium. Programs were being sold in front of the famous metal buffalo.

Below is OU warming up. I got to the game right when they opened the front gates so I could see warm-ups and take it the beautiful atmosphere. I like watching the stadium fill up from being empty also.

Fast forward to a full stadium and it is game time. Buffs and Sooners in game action.

OU scores the first TD (photo below). Colorado then ties it 7-7.

OU scores another TD (photo below, with Sooner band and most of the Sooner fans). OU adds a field goal to make it 17-7 at half.

The first half went as I expected. Hard fought and the score reasonable close. The second half though was a huge surprise for Habytime. Colorado marching band at half (photo below).

OU scored a quick touchdown to expand the score to 24-7. I'm thinking now OU has it. It is just a matter of how much OU wins by. OU got the ball back with the 24-7 lead. After this, OU does a Choke-lahoma. The Colorado offensive and defensive do make many key plays though such as fourth down conversions, critical pass plays, big runs and getting turnovers. Colorado adds a field goal, then a touchdown, then another touchdown... all mostly due to OU turnovers. Colorado comes all the way back to tie score at 24-24. I notice the Colorado student section that was 3/4ths full throughout much of the game is suddenly packed with students. Students must have come running from their dorms to see the potential upset. The next OU drive stalls. Colorado takes the ball on final drive and sets up in field goal range with 2 seconds left. Below is a photo of the winning kick. I tried to snap the photo right as the ball approached the uprights. The second photo is a zoom in of the same photo on what I think is the ball (circled in red) just as it goes through the uprights. This is the instantaneous moment the Sooners national championship aspirations ended.

Here is the game winning ball going through the uprights. Notice the people below the uprights looking up at the ball.

The game is over. 27-24 Colorado beats #3 Oklahoma. A portion of the crowd storms the field to celebrate. Goal posts come down and the crowd goes nuts.