Adventure Putt-Putt Golf

Posted September 30, 2007

Category: Haby News

On Friday September 21st, I went to Adventure Golf to play some miniature golf in the mile high air. It has 3 courses that have 18 holes each of miniature golf. The weather was perfect. I played all 54 holes. I tried to get some good scores but the course ended up beating me. I tried to make Tiger Woods proud but my performance came short of expectations. I did have fun though. It is an interesting place to play miniature golf. Each course had its own theme. Below is Habytime ready to play some putt-putt golf.

Here is a photo of Habytime going for par. I had mostly pars and even a few birdies. Unfortunately there were a bunch of bogeys also. Notice the contrast between sunny and shady areas.

Here is a view of a bridge that makes up one of the holes. You can see my yellow ball on the bottom left. All holes were par 2 or 3. Most of my bogeys were on the par 2 holes.

There were several holes were on the first shot you had to try to putt the ball into a particular place where it would go through a tunnel and down toward the hole. If the ball was not putted in the best place it would go through a tunnel and end up farther from the hole. The photo below is one such example.

The holes I had the most difficult time with were the ones where the hole was on top of a steep ridge. On a couple of holes it took over 5 shots to finally give the ball the correct speed to stay on top of the ridge. I did create a rule though to help me out. The rule is that I could not get worse than a double bogey no matter how many shots it took me :).

Here are my scores and the par on each course. On the Lost Continent course the par is 44 and I shot a 49 resulting in a +5. On the Adventure Cove course the par is 43 and I shot a 49 resulting in a +6. On the Buccaneer Bay course the par is 43 and I shot a 51 resulting in a +8. There were lots of leaves on some of the courses and some of the holes were just plain tough. I was not able to get any holes-in-one. I figure to get par I will need a clean course and also get a couple of holes-in-one. Someday I will go back and see if I can improve. I want to make Tiger proud :). I had fun, it is all about having fun. Below is a photo of the 18th hole on one of the courses.