World's Largest Liquor Store

Posted September 30, 2007

Category: Haby News

When I was driving to Boulder last month I noticed a warehouse building that had a sign that it was a liquor store. I thought to myself that place is huge. I put in the back of my mind to check out this place at a later time. This month I revisited the store. It happens to be the largest beer-wine-liquor store in the world! And it is just 5 miles from my apartment! The name of the place is Daveco Liquors. Below is a photo of the entrance.

I took awhile to just walk around in disbelief at how large this liquor store is. The Daveco slogan is "We Have it All". I have never seen so much beer, wine and liquor in one place. They truly must have it all and they said if they don't have it they can get it. The photo below is a look down one of the aisles.

There is refrigerated beer, cases of beer, kegs, and beer from all over the world. Notice the Denver Broncos Neon sign on the wall. There are many Neon signs above the refrigerated beer.

There are aisles of beer and wine categorized into countries. There are aisles of liquor categorized by liquor type. There is every kind of liquor you can imagine seeing. Below is a photo of a portion of the Vodka aisle.

Below is a snapshot of a portion of the wine aisles. There is also a booth behind the wine aisles for taste testing wines and liquors. Of course, Habytime did not leave Daveco empty handed. I bought some KORBEL Champagne that I will open on the first day it snows 1" or more at my apartment. Likely sometime in late October will be the Habytime Champagne party. I also bought red wine to have with my spaghetti and Italian meals. Sometimes I like to have a Brandy and Coke to watch college football games with on the weekend so I picked up a bottle of Brandy. Habytime is set for a fall season of snow, football and enjoying the Denver area.