Museum Week

Posted September 15, 2007

Category: Haby News

Over the course of a little over a week I went to three Denver area Museums. They are the Nature and Science Museum, Wings over the Rockies Air and Space Museum, and The Wildlife Experience.

Museum 1: Denver Museum of Nature and Science

On September 3rd, I went to the Denver Nature and Science Museum. There is an IMAX theatre at this Museum and I saw both movies. One movie was on the exploration of the Titanic through deep sea subs and robots. The other was on the destruction of the wetlands in Louisiana and the aftermath of hurricane Katrina. The photo below is the entrance to the Museum.

The Titanic has been shrunk by the incredible shrinking machine. The Titanic was this ship that sunk due to hitting an iceberg. Remember that? I know you do, I'm just playin'. I wish the ship would not have sunk. What a tragedy. Here it is, a photo of the infamous ship.

One of the areas of the museum had dinosaur bone reconstructions and all sorts of information on these famous creatures that lived many millions of years ago. Can you imagine what it would have been like to see this dinosaur below alive? I'd certainly have him on my football team. His tail could take out an entire O-line for sure.

Below is a giant mound of ice cream with embedded Oreo cookies, chocolate chunks and rock candy. Or is it? Actually, I'm joking around. It sure looks like it though in the picture. It is actually from a Colorado cave and the rock contains giant aquamarine crystals. They are so beautiful to see in person. They are huge! There were also many other beautiful gems and minerals displays. The Geologists would love it. There is also a huge display of gold. Huge chunks of gold and gold flakes. They really had the security cameras on that gold!

There is a beautiful sitting area with huge windows that has this view of Denver. The glass is so clean you can hardly tell it was there! I spent awhile viewing beautiful downtown Denver with the Rockies in the background. It is like seeing a city in Heaven.

I spent a couple of hours walking around the museum. There is a space odyssey room, all sorts of taxidermized wildlife animals, places for kids to learn, Egyptian mummies, and Titanic artifacts. There is also a planetarium but it was closed for remodeling. I plan to visit this museum again when new IMAX movies come out and the planetarium reopens. It is a large museum. There is enough in there to stay all day.

Museum 2: Denver's Wings over the Rockies Air and Space Museum

On September 5th I went to the Air and Space Museum. It is located inside a huge airplane hanger. The airplane hanger is on an Air Force base that was decommissioned in 1994 (Lowry Air Force Base). The base had its peak years from World War 2 through the Vietnam War. There was plenty to take photos of.

Near the entrance of the Museum you are first greeted by this giant aircraft (B-52 Stratofortress) below.

When I first went in I saw something I was not expecting. They had a cool display of 3/4th of life-size Star Wars characters. My favorite Star Wars character is Yoda. If you look carefully you should be able to find Yoda. I admire Yoda for his patience, wisdom, strength, and courage. Yoda is a hero of mine :). It was neat seeing the 3/4th of life-size X-Wing Fighter. R2-D2 was playing the same noises he makes in the movies. R2-D2 is cool. You can see Jar Jar Binks, C3PO and Anakin Skywalker (the young Darth Vader) also.

This is what Habytime would look like if he walked on the moon.

If I could strap this baby on my truck I could really zoom down the highway. This is powerful enough to put Habytime into orbit!

How amazing it must have been to ride in this aircraft.

Below is a replica of one of the most known aircraft of all time. It is the B-29 bomber (the Superfortress). It is the aircraft that had many missions for the United States military in World War 2.

Below is a helicopter nicknamed the "Flying Banana". They had extensive service in the Vietnam War and after.

The last picture I have for you from this Museum is the Eisenhower Room. This is what it would be like to dine with President Eisenhower (President from 1953-1961). Also, the museum had several rooms that including air and space memorabilia from over the last several decades, space shuttle displays, and historical information.

Museum 3: The Wildlife Experience

For the Wildlife Experience Museum that I went to on September 13th, I drove through parts of the Denver area I had not yet. I drove through the suburbs of Aurora, Centennial and into Parker where the museum was located. The building the museum was in was very well made. It has wood and stone construction that looks like it could last many decades. The photo below is the entrance to the museum. They have an IMAX theatre at this museum also and just like at the Nature and Science museum I watched both movies. One movie was on preparing and battling wildfires and the other was on the life of beavers and how they build dams.

On the outside of the museum are several metal statues of animals. When I saw the statue below I though, "the moose is loose". Here is Bullwinkle for your viewing enjoyment :)

The big theme at the museum was dogs. There is a dog exhibit that travels around the country and it is at this museum until October. There are all kinds of photos and art of dogs and displays explaining various aspects of dogs (man's best friend). Through the evolution of selective breeding done by humans, all the different variety of dogs evolved from the gray wolf. The photo below gives a snapshot of some of the dog art and sculptures. Yep, its daschund time front and center!

Like at the Science and Nature museum there is also taxidermized wildlife. The main theme was African wildlife. The lions are shown below. Parts of the museum had interactive activities for kids. I ended my day at this museum by walking around the nature trail that goes around the museum.

Museum week is complete