Trip to Boulder

Posted September 4, 2007

Category: Haby News

On September 1, I took a day trip to Boulder Colorado. Highway 7 that goes by my apartment complex travels straight to the west and into Boulder. It was about a 25 mile drive to go from Brighton to Boulder. While driving there the mountains became more and more visible. I took this picture while driving between Brighton and Boulder. I still had my eye on the road :). I drove by some very nice houses on the way.

Habytime then made his way into downtown Boulder. I parked my car near Pearl Street and walked to the famous Pearl Street Mall. Part of Pearl Street has been converted into an outdoor mall. There are performers, tourists and shops all along this red bricked road.

Here is Habytime holding his "Chunky Monkey". Chunk Monkey is a combination of banana ice cream, chocolate chunks and walnuts. I had a thought I would be eating a flavor of ice cream I never have before while driving to Boulder. Sure enough, I was introduced to the Chunky Monkey at Ben & Jerry's. I met someone at this ice cream place. We then walked around Pearl Street and eventually had to take cover from one of those classic mountain afternoon thunderstorms. That gave us plenty of time to check out a fun science gift store.

I enjoyed having someone with me. It also made it easier to be in some pictures. Here is another photo of Habytime with a mountain background.

I then did a walking tour of the Colorado University campus. Here is the famous metal buffalo statue.

At the edge of campus I took this mountain photo.

With rain in the distance and the sun low on the horizon, it was a classic rainbow setup. And sure enough there was a partial rainbow. You may be able to pick out the rainbow on the right side and above the library building.

Below is a photo of a random building on campus. I liked how it looked so I thought.. photo it!

Here is the geography building. Geography is cool :)

While walking I came across the bookstore with a mountain in the background. Classic photo chance!

While driving back to Brighton I looked in the rearview mirror and noticed a beautiful sunset. I pulled over to the side of the road to take this mountain-cloud-sunset photo. Wow, Colorado is colorful and beautiful.