Brighton Walk

Posted August 22, 2007

Category: Haby News

I took a walk from my apartment over Highway 85 into downtown Brighton. There is a walkway that goes over the highway into downtown. This first photo is from the top of the walkway.

Once I arrived on the other side of the walkway I took a photo of the walkway.

It is a 12 minute walk from my apartment to several places to eat. Reminding me of being in Texas is this Lone Star Steak house.

Here is a view of the famous Brighton clock with a view of my apartment complex in the background.

I walked for about an hour seeing various shops, businesses and places to eat. There is a movie theatre I walked by also. I then got a surprise. I may not be at the campus of Mississippi State but I am still at the home of the Bulldogs. That's right, the Brighton High School mascot is the Bulldog. Here is a photo of Bulldog Avenue . Once I arrived to Bulldog Avenue I figured the high school had to be close by. After walking down the avenue I made it to the high school.

Here it is. Home of the Bulldogs. Just another sign that this is where I am meant to be. Bulldogs have been a life theme for me. There is a significant Hispanic population in Colorado. The school sign demonstrates this.

I then walked back to the walkway and back to the apartment. It is amazing how far I can get by just walking.