Habytime Home

Posted August 22, 2007

Category: Haby News

After traveling 1,315 miles from Starkville, Mississippi to Brighton, Colorado I have been settling into the apartment and getting chores done. Here are outside views of my apartment and views from the balcony.

Up on the second floor to the Habytime apartment.

I like to sit on the balcony in the evening and enjoy the clean, mild and fresh air or watch storms develop.

One of those beautiful afternoon storms moving in...

Now that you have had a look outside, come on in and have a look. I got the inside fixed up with furniture. The apartment includes 9 foot high ceilings, great appliances and a clean/quiet atmosphere. Here is the kitchen and dining area. Want me to cook us up some Haby spaghetti and tacos?

Time to watch TV. I can watch TV either from the computer chair next to dining area, the blue futon or the gray rocker/recliner chair. The futon turns into a full size guest bed.

Here is where I will be doing my Mississippi State work from, e-mail and Internet surfing. Notice the bulldog laying on the computer.

A rare opportunity to see Habytime make up his bed. I did it just for you.

Finally, here is what Habytime looks like from the floor. I took this picture with my foot.