Places Habytime will miss in Starkville, Mississippi

Posted July 1, 2007

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1. The Little Dooey BBQ house: I frequently ate here. I would usually order the same thing which is pulled pork smothered in one of a kind Dooey sauce with slaw, beans and fried okra on the side. This unique restaurant was once a house that was converted into a BBQ place. The inside is designed with pigs, writing all over the walls and at various times pictures from school age kids of pigs advertising in some way to eat at Dooeys. Below are a couple of pictures of me at The Little Dooey.

Habytime outside of The Little Dooey, June 2007

Habytime about to eat his Little Dooey favorite: pulled pork with Dooey sauce, beans, fried okra and sweet tea.. Wow this makes me hungry looking at it

2. Bulldog Lanes: I will miss the lunch and bowl which is two games of bowling and lunch for $7.50. The best two games I had over the years were a 201 and a 203. Hitting the pocket and getting a strike gives me that special Habytime celebration feeling. Below is a picture of me outside of Bulldog Lanes.

Bulldog Lanes, June 2007

3. Hilbun Hall: This is the building I worked in for 11 years and took most of my classes as a graduate student. I must have walked from my apartment to this building and back over 5,000 times. That adds up to over 5,000 miles of walking over the years. This is where the legend of Habytime all began. Cheers to the great Hilbun Hall! I will miss walking to you, working in your building and all the great people in the building.

Hilbun Hall, May 2007

4. The Grill: My favorite to get at The Grill is the chicken fried steak and mashed potatoes all covered in gravy. They are also great with being quick on refills.

Jeff outside of The Grill, June 2007

5. Apartment Complex: For the entire 11 years of living in Starkville I lived in the University Commons apartment complex (now called Campus Trails apartments). I have lived in the city of Starkville longer than any previous city that I have lived in. In 2003 my apartment building burned down. I thank everyone who helped me get through that ordeal. I will remember all the great roommates I had over the years. I will miss the cheap rent. I will not miss the noise though.

May 2003 after my apartment building burned down

April 2004 view of my apartment complex from when Bryan Hebert took me for a flight over Starkville. The burned down building was rebuilt. Notice the walking trail from the apartment complex toward the bottom-left portion of the picture. That is the trail I have walked thousands of times to campus and back.

6. Mississippi State University: I will miss the walks around campus, the chiming clock tower, the college atmosphere and having so many places within walking distance. Below is an airplane view of Mississippi State when Bryan Hebert took me for a flight over Starkville. Hilbun Hall is the long rectangular building with whitish roof towards upper right.

April 2004 overhead view of Mississippi State University

7. Pap's Place: A 30 minute drive west of Starkville and located on Main Street in Ackerman, Mississippi. They have the classic Southern favorites and famous TV commercials. One of their more rememberable commercial jingles is the one that goes something like..."Come on down to Pap's Place on Main Street Ackerman.. We got the best doggone BBQ ribs and catfish in the South.. We don't rob you honey, we just fill up your belly".

Habytime outside Pap's Place, June 2007

View of Pape's place sweet tea, BBQ ribs, whole catfish, fried chicken, chicken and dumplings, macaroni and cheese.. right before I fill up my belly.

8. Abner's: I ended up going here many times because my buddies love it and I like it enough to go with them! They have chicken strips, sweet tea, and fries as their classics to order. It has a sports atmosphere inside with ESPN going at all times.

Habytime inside Abner's, June 2007

9. Philadelphia, Mississippi Casinos: I am throwing this one in to tell a short story. I lost $50 on the slots but later that night put $50 on black for the roulette wheel. Black came up. I ended up even for the evening.

Casinos in Philadelphia, MS, June 2007: The first picture was taken about 8 pm and the second one around 11 pm. Above the casino is a hotel and a huge ball shaped restaurant. It is being lifted by the power of Habytime.

10. El Sombrero: Habytime's favorite restaurant in Starkville!! Affectionately known as "The Hat". I have eaten here more times than any other place (over 200 times in 11 years). Ironically, just as I am leaving to move to Colorado, the El Sombrero is going out of business. I ate at the El Sombrero twice during the last week in business.

Habytime outside the El Sombrero, June 2007

Here is Habytime's favorite dish which is the #28 (what I call "The Haby Standard"): chicken enchiladas, rice, beans, beef taco. The chips and salsa are great also. I will very much miss eating at "The Hat"

Habytime inside the El Sombrero trying on one of the unique hats, June 2007

Ole' Ole' Habytime!