Texas / Colorado Game

Posted October, 2008

Category: Adventures

October 4 was the day of the Texas at Colorado game. It is time for Habytime to enjoy some college football action live. Here I am at the apartment complex in Brighton ready to leave for Boulder, Colorado. It is about a marathon distance drive from Brighton to Boulder (27 miles). This has given me the idea of someday jogging from Brighton to Boulder in order to accomplish a marathon distance jog. That is a potential Habytime adventure for next year.

Here we are, Hammertime at the wheel with Habytime as the passenger, traveling to Boulder. The mountains come into better view as we get closer to the famous city of Boulder, Colorado.

Having a pregame meal and beers at the Cheesecake Factory. Yes, they have good cheesecake.

There is a beautiful nature trail going from Pearl Street Mall to the football stadium. Habytime stops by to pose in the Colorado nature.

Texas warming up. The weather was perfect... not too hot or cold. Notice the famous Colorado sloped logo behind the end zone... a classic site.

As of this writing the Texas Longhorns are the #1 team in the nation. Here come the mighty Longhorns roaring onto the field. There was 1,000s of Texas fans that made the trip to Colorado.

Habytime in the stands.. watching the Longhorns dominate the buffs.

Here is Colorado's best scoring chance early in the game. They ended up missing a field goal. That ended up being a common theme... Colorado missing field goals in this game.

The sun comes out for a little awhile. There is a big contrast between the sunny and shady areas.

The Colorado band.. it was the 100th anniversary.. can't remember of what though. It may have been the 100th anniversary the Colorado band has been in existence.

A shot of the scoreboard late in the game. Turn out the lights. The Texas Longhorns ended up winning 38-14.