Denver Zoo 2008

Posted September, 2008

Category: Adventures

One of my favorite places to visit is the Denver Zoo. Here are the pictures and captions from my latest adventure at the zoo. Some captions are what the animal says.

Come on inside the zoo!

We peacocks like to roam around the zoo. They don't even keep us in cages.

Gorilla silhouette. This gorilla was not in a good mood today. He was slapping the viewing glass earlier.

Can't remember the name of this animal. Next time I go to the zoo I will write down the animal name to go with each picture. This animal wondered into the ditch area of the habitat to get some extra food.

Super lizard... great lizard.... a dragon!! Do you see the dragon? looks like a tree branch

Do I have a long neck?? yep, comes in handy when eating high branches.

Wow, the weather is so much warmer. Where is the real ice??? Is this global warming?

Playin' hungry hungry hippos... whoops.. I'm a rhino.

Let me out of here. I'll give you some fruit and nuts :)

Can you see the cat prowling in the background? One of the great cats sneaking up behind Habytime. Good thing there is a cage in the way.

Hello, I'm a secretary bird. Would you like to leave a message and the head peacock will get back to you?

Elephants: big, bold and classic

Hello, and welcome to monkey island.

Habytime... wanting a camel ride.

Home, home on the range... where the deer and buffalo play!.. and the antelope

Beautiful pink peacocks

Fall colors just starting

This one is for Bre.... how about them Hogs?? Didn't do so good against Texas Longhorns

I must have walked over 5 miles at the zoo. It was great exercise. I was feeling it for two days afterwards. Habytime power walking view of the zoo.

They can fly underwater just as well as other birds fly in the air. Wow they can move fast.

Happy times at the zoo.