Democratic Convention 2008

Posted September, 2008

Category: Adventures

The 2008 Democratic convention was in Denver, Colorado. I went to downtown the day before the convention to check out the vendors, pre-convention events and to see what is going on. I bought lots of shirts and buttons for this Denver event.

When I was walking in downtown I noticed what I thought was a statue. The first one I saw was a golden color baseball player statue. Then it started moving!! Oh my goodness. I quickly found out there were people there that dressed up like a statue. They would remain very still and people walking by would do a double take when they would move. The picture below is a photo of one of those human statues (painter lady). Isn't it convincing?

I also saw some Chinese musicians and dragons. It really got my attention. Very interesting to watch. There were four "dragons". Each dragon has a couple of people (1 for the back legs and 1 for the front). The dance was well coordinated to the music they were playing. Below are a couple of photos. I got to admit.. I loved watching it.

I did tons of walking around Denver... walking for miles. Here is a photo of one of the convention signs.

In the civic park they had many vendors. I bought some of the button pins here. Most of the shirts and button I bought in downtown stores. Here is a photo of the vendors... with downtown Denver in the background.

I want to point out they have a Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. in downtown Denver. Go Forrest Go!!!!! Run Forrest Run!!!! Catch them Shrimp!

Next, it was time to check out the protestors. One protest was protesting the Iraq war and the two party system. Another protest was protesting the oil companies and the perks they get. Here you go... protest pics...

The next photo is of dancers within the amphitheater.

Okay.. that is it. THE END of my adventure to Denver before the Democratic convention.