Posted September, 2008

Category: Adventures

I went to one of the most famous restaurants in the Denver area. It is called "The Fort" and it is in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. Why is it famous? It is because of the atmosphere, the food they serve and the famous people that have eaten there. U.S. presidents have eaten here. The Fort is a pricey restaurant that requires reservations. It is a replica of an actual adobe fort that was located there at the times of the old west. Below are two pictures of the restaurant.

Since it is a symbol of the Old West I dressed up a bit for the adventure at eating at the Fort. I put on Cowboy boots... you heard right!.. Habytime PUT ON COWBOY BOOTS... can you believe it?? and here is the proof.. the only photo EVER with Habytime with Cowboys boots on. I am outside the restaurant. There is a gift shop outside and a fire they keep going. You know.. gives some of that Old West atmosphere. Okay.. I'm getting hungry.. Let's go inside and eat!

At the Fort they serve a very interesting menu.. stuff you would not typically eat everyday. For the appetizer I had the duck quesadilla... yep.... you read right.. duck meat. For the main course I had the "Game Plate". It included an Elk steak, a Buffalo steak and a whole quail. To drink I had a cooler drink with 9 types of rum. Think about this, I'm having rum, Elk, duck, buffalo and quail! Interesting foods at The Fort! Throw in bread and salad also. Did I have dessert? Heck ya Habytime did... a chocolate sundae. What was the total bill for this Habytime eating adventure? It came to about $80. Wow, was it an experience. I wanted to have some rattle snake but it was out of price range today... maybe next time. The next guest that visits me.. WE ARE GOING TO THE FORT!

Here I am in front of the Buffalo Head after eating that huge meal. The Fort specializes in serving Buffalo meat. In the future, come with Habytime to the Fort!