MSU Trip

Posted September, 2008

Category: Adventures

I took a trip in early August back to MSU (Mississippi State University). What was the occasion? It was the 19th annual BMP workshop where many of the distance learning broadcast meteorology students meet for a workshop. This is the one chance I get to meet my distance learning students face to face. The method of transit was by truck. Yep, a road trip from Denver, Colorado to Starkville, Mississippi. It helped I was traveling with one of the workshop participants. We stopped in Dallas on the way there and back to have a place to stop over and visit parents.

I was disappointed I did not take many pictures. I should have taken more pictures! This was the first time I had been back to MSU since moving to Colorado. It was interesting seeing the changes over the last year. One big change was the completion of the new student union. Wow is it an upgrade from the old union. Below is a picture of the new union.

Incredibly the weather was cool. Only in the low 70s for highs on the first two days of the workshop. Only on the last day did the classic heat and humidity of Mississippi get to be experienced. Here is a picture of Habytime in the heart of campus. The maroon BMP shirt and all. This was on the day it happened to be hot and humid.

And last is a picture of the library. I told you I did not take enough pictures. That is is.