Denver Zoo

Posted March 30, 2008

Category: Adventures

On March 11th I went to the Denver Zoo again. It is one of my favorite places to go to in Denver. I'll probably be checking out the zoo several times per year. There are several peacocks that roam the zoo grounds. Below is one of the beauties that same close to me while I was eating a snack.

I spend a good amount of time just sitting and relaxing around the duck pond. There are many ducks and geese. The geese really have a loud and unique honk. HONK HONK! It makes me thing of a car horn when they honk. Below are a couple of views of the duck pond. In the first pictures there is one of the honkers in the foreground. In the second pictures if you look closely you can see a peacock on the right side.

Ummmm. Dinner. I arrived just in time to see the feeding of the great cats. Below is one of the cats eating.

Being that it is the cool season they had their elephant demonstrations inside. In this demonstration they showed how they clean the elephants and how they get the elephants to respond to their commands. Elephant bath time!

Playing hungry hungry hippos!! Here are the hippos chilling out

Here is Iorek Byrnison. If you have read or seen the movie "The Golden Compass" you probably know what I am talking about.

An Emu-like bird. What I like to call an Emuasaurus since some scientists in the world are working on the theorotical possibility of unlocking certain genes to turn an Emu into a dinosaur like animal.

I forgot the name of this guy. He is interesting looking though.

This concludes the Habytime adventure to the Denver zoo!