Colorado Railroad Museum

Posted November 23, 2007

Category: Adventures

I went to the 14 acre Colorado Railroad Museum in Golden, Colorado. It is the largest in the Rocky Mountain West. The main entrance is a restored railroad Junction.

The museum is within a beautiful backdrop of foothill mountains. You can see the Coors train car in the distance. Golden, CO is home to the Coors brewing company. Watch out!! Railroad crossing :)

If you look carefully you can see houses build on the mountainside beyond some of the railcars on the museum site. Wow. What a view that must be from the house!

Here is a classic rail engine. It reminds me on when my friend Jason painted trains. It looks just like postcards he would make.

Here you can see some converging rails and some the boxcars on the museum site.

OH my... a blast from the past. Here comes the yellow Rio Grande train.

This is a passenger train that would travel to locations in the mountains. Isn't the caboose cute?

This next photo reminds me the most of Jason's train art. Here is the classic photogenic locomotive. Isn't it a beaut??

Here are some restored boxcars and passenger cars.

Inside the museum they have a giant H O Scale train display. Below are a couple of pictures of this display.

Nope, they are not real people you are seeing. This is a restored mail room within a train boxcar.

Choooo Chooooo..... This is the caboose of this webpage...