Boo at the Zoo

Posted October 30, 2007

Category: Adventures

On Sunday October 28th I went to "Boo at the Zoo" at the Denver Zoo. There were many sponsors set up on the zoo grounds that handed out candy to the kids. The kids were dressed up in Halloween costumes. It was a nice day of weather, thus there was a fairly large crowd. I got there early to beat the rush. Below is a photo while waiting for the zoo to open.

The fall colors were out at the zoo. Beautiful yellows and reds. Below is a photo of the zoo train going by with fall colors in the background.

I watched the elephant performance. Below is the trainer checking out the elephant's mouth with more beautiful fall colors in the background.

Duck pond. Going to the zoo is a relaxing experience. It rejuvenates the soul and there is so much nature to see.

I went to check out the bird rooms. This is one place I was not able to see last time I was at the zoo. The first photo below is of a beautiful head dressed dancing bird with the second of beautiful colorful lorikeets.

This giraffe was giving me a funny look, flicking its tongue and standing in what seemed an unusual way. The first thought I had was, "this giraffe is on wild meds"

Awww. A Habytime favorite. The little wobbling tuxedos.

Wild horses with fall colors in background

I went through the tropical conservatory building. It has fishes, tropical aquatic life and warm climate animals. Below is a small hint of what a dinosaur would look like.

Bear with me now. My trip to the zoo is almost complete.

The lions are hungry! They had a lion demonstration where they showed them having different behaviors using food rewards. The photo below is before they let them into the presentation area. They were scratching at the door just like a house cat does on a closed door.

Have a Happy Halloween!