Downtown Denver Walking Tour #1

Posted September 30, 2007

Category: Adventures

On Thursday September 27th, I did a walking tour of Denver. I went into the cultural heart and soul of Denver. I've been looking forward to this since I moved out here. I bought a book about Colorado and Denver before I moved to the Denver area that has a section on doing a walking tour of downtown Denver. I went on this walk to 14 attractions in the downtown area. I parked near the Civic Center Park and started my adventure. The first leg of the walking tour is Civic Center Park. Below is some of the gardens in the civic center with downtown in the background.

There is an amphitheater within the Civic Center Park. I took a walk around the park and then took this photo.

There is a tall monument dedicated to all the branches of the military served by Colorado citizens.

A classic in any downtown: pigeons and pigeons poo. Aren't they cute?

The second leg of the walking tour is the Colorado History Museum. I checked out this museum for about an hour and a half. Below is the front entrance and a bison statue.

Part of the museum is dedicated to Italian historical influence on the area. I took this beautiful Jesus photo.

Much of the history of Colorado focused on Native Americans. There were many displays of Native American artifacts, videos and culture. Below is a tepee display.

The third leg of the walking tour is the Colorado Art Museum. I knew if I went in I would be in there for hours. I decided I would come back another day and spend all day in the museum. There are over 35,000 works of art in the museum. Below is a photo of the interesting looking outside of the museum. This is just part of the museum. There is a walkway that goes to another building.

The fourth leg of the walking tour is the City and County Building. I walked around the outside of the building and took the photo below.

The fifth leg is the U.S. Mint. I was really looking forward to seeing the Mint. This is where a large portion of the U.S. legal tender coins are manufactured. It was closed for tours this week. I will have to come back again another day to get a tour of the inside. They did have a gift shop inside and outside the mint. I got a proof set from my birth year (penny, nickel, dime, quarter, half dollar) and the 2007 proof set of the 4 presidential dollar coins. There was a video inside the gift shop about how the coins are made. It was informative.

Next I headed to the Denver Pavilions. It is a three story mall that also includes a bowling ally and a Hard Rock Cafe nearby. I stopped in the Barnes and Noble to pick up a couple of books. The mall has a unique feel to it. It is like an outdoor-indoor mall combo. Below is a photo.

The next leg of the tour is the Colorado Convention Center and the Denver Performing Arts Complex. The entrance of the performing arts complex has a magnificent 80 foot high glass archway. Below is a photo of each.

Next was a stroll along Larimer Square. It is Denver's oldest historical district of Victorian buildings.

The ninth leg of the walk was Writer Square. It has gas lamps, brick walkways and outdoor cafes.

The tenth leg of the tour was the Tabor Center but I have no picture. It is a glass enclosed shopping complex. Next was the D & F tower. It is patterned after the campanile of St. Mark's Basilica in Venice, Italy.

The 12th leg of of the walk was 16th Street Mall. It has all kinds of shops and places to eat. It is for sure the place to go to when you visit Denver. Below are a couple of photos while strolling along. Habytime!!, that's what I'm talking about. I've also thrown in ESPN SportsZone

I then decided.. why don't I go to the top of a skyscraper and see what it looks like!. I picked out one of the taller buildings in downtown and found the elevators to ride up as high as I could. I got to the 55th floor on one of the buildings. While riding to the top by ears were popping real good. I got off the elevator and the receptionist ask me what I was doing up here. I said to take a look out the window from as high as I could get in the building. She said I should not be up here since I am not a client. I then said I'll be real quick. I was able to attain this awesome view and take a couple of pictures. The first photo is toward the west and the Rocky Mountains. The next is of other buildings to show just how high I was. Habytime got his view :) You can see the sports arenas in the first photo.

I skipped the 13th leg of the walking tour and proceeded to the final leg which is the Colorado State Capital Building. On the 18th step on the west side of the building the elevation is exactly 1 mile high. There is a metal button that locates this. Mile high Habytime! There is also a photo of the capital building and a photo from the capital building overlooking Civic Center Park.

I will for sure be doing more downtown walking tours. It will take several to see everything I want to see. I plan on doing one about every month.