The Buttefly Pavilion

Posted September 30, 2007

Category: Adventures

On Monday September 17th, I went to the Butterfly Pavilion. There are displays of insects, fish, and a tropical conservatory room full of butterflies. Below is the praying mantis near the front entrance.

The photo below is of the honey bee hive. There is a tunnel for bees to come from outside to the inside. They are busy bees!

Habytime found Nemo!

The main attraction is the butterfly room. There are tropical plants and flowers. Twice each day new butterflies are released into the room. It is full of all kinds of butterflies with a variety of different colors and sizes. I was surprised to learn that butterflies only live 2 weeks. That is too short! All that beauty and grace is so short lived. There are lots of butterflies although not many show up in the photos. Below are several photos in the butterfly room.

Twice per day more butterflies are released into the tropical conservatory. I was there for the 3:30 butterfly release. Everyone visiting in the room gathered around to watch the new butterflies fly out of cage and into the room. The butterflies took their time leaving the cage but eventually with assistance of an employee they all left. The employee explained several things about butterflies as they left the cage.

Outside there is a nature trail. I walked around and enjoyed seeing the plants, animals (groundhogs), mountains and waterfalls.