Denver Downtown Aquarium

Posted August 31, 2007

Category: Adventures

On August 29th I went to the Denver Downtown Aquarium. I was looking forward to seeing the different fish and aquatic life. Below is a photo of the outside before I bought my ticket and checked it out. I arrived just as the aquarium was opening. The darker environment and glass made picture taking more of a challenge but a few came out alright.

My favorite part of the aquarium happened to occur at the very beginning. There are three otters that are so cute! They are as cute as the penguins at the zoo. These guys were very difficult to photograph! They were constantly moving around and swimming. They happened to feed them when I got there. They were thrown fish and they ate each fish lightning quick. None of the photos I tried to take of these guys came out as well as I wanted. The one I have below is a close up of an otter while he was swimming by. It's kind of an interesting photo isn't it?

It came as no surprise that there were lots of aquariums and fish to check out. They had all sorts of freshwater and saltwater fish.

On the bottom left is what I call a "Tiger Woods fish".

The fish below may not look big since there is nothing to judge size but this guy happens to be huge! He was in a big tank and I got his picture as he got close swimming by.

My first reaction when I saw the eel was laughter. It looked so fake! lol. Even in the photo you can tell that it looks kinda fake looking. I thought at first it was some sort of plastic replica but as I watched it I eventually determined this guy really is real.

There are some views where the aquarium could be viewed from below. Below is one such example. I photographed a sea turtle swimming above.

Below are some classic piranha. You don't want to run across these guys in the water! They really looked amazing in person with glittery scales and that classic piranha look. Fascinating creatures piranha are.

There is a shallow water tank with several giant sting rays. They are pretty amazing looking. They look like stealth bombers gliding through the water. The second photo below is of another tank that had sting rays. At one point, I watched as this sting ray buried itself completely in the sand and the only thing left showing was its eyes. They are amazing escape artists!

Ahhh. They had to have known Habytime likes parrots. There is a big cage with a parrot. It took awhile for him to look my way but finally I got his photo.

It took me about 1.5 hours to walk through the entire aquarium. I could have walked through the whole place again but I decided I would come back again and again in the future anyway. I for sure want seconds at seeing the aquarium again. Anyone want to join me? :) As I was about to leave the parking area I photographed downtown Denver from my truck. What a great city Denver is!