Denver Botanic Gardens

Posted August 31, 2007

Category: Adventures

On August 27th I went to the Denver Botanic Gardens. It is basically a zoo for plants. The grounds are divided into different themes such as roses, tropical, grasses, water garden, wildflower, desert, Japanese, alpine, herb, and flower gardens. I can't remember going to a place like this before so it was an interesting experience and I got lots of walking in. The day was pretty hot and sunny. However, a sudden shower came in the afternoon and cooled things off. Here is a photo of the front entrance.

The first view I had after walking in was to my left. It is a path called Perennial Walk.

There are several water gardens with the classic water garden plants and goldfish. Here are two water garden photos.

There is an enclosed building called "Tropical Conservatory". I call this the Mississippi building because the heat and humidity are cranked up. It has various tropical rain forest type plants. Below are two photos inside the building.

There are vegetable gardens. I saw various peppers and vegetables. Below is a photo of the pumpkin patch. Pumpkin Pie anyone??

There is an area of the grounds called the "Japanese Garden". It had some classic Japanese trees, plants and designs. Below is the entrance and a look inside.

One water garden in particular had some big goldfish. This is the best photo of the goldfish photos I took. Habytime is a goldfish fan.

On the grounds were several waterfalls. It is relaxing to listen to the flowing water through the waterfall.

There is a desert room in which the heat is cranked up (through a greenhouse) and the air was very dry. In the room were various cacti and other desert plants. I was sweating pretty good after only a few minutes in this room.

I found some high ground to take this picture of various plants and walkways.

There are a rose and flower garden. The colors were beautiful and the rose garden smelled like the classic rose smell.

This plant really got my attention by how red they are.

After 3 hours of walking around the grounds I had seen it all. It was an interesting experience. I will certainly come back again.