Colorado Rockies Baseball Game

Posted August 22, 2007

Category: Adventures

On August 21, I went to Coors Field to see a Colorado Rockies baseball game. It was about a 19 mile drive from my apartment to downtown Denver. The game was Pittsburgh vs. Colorado. I got there early so I could take some daytime photos of the stadium and watch batting practice. I was surprised how close the stadium was to downtown. The skyscrapers are very near the ballpark. The stadium is nice and there is plenty of room to go walking around the entire ballpark. I watched part of the game standing behind the home plate seats and watched most of the game sitting in the outfield. The game itself was great. I got to see 4 Colorado Rocky homeruns including a Grand Slam (aka 4-run homer) by Ian Stewart and a homerun by the team's star player Matt Holliday. With the mile high elevation, homerun balls fly high and far in this thinner air. The Rockies ended up winning 9-2, thus a victory for the first Rockies game I saw in person. Below are some pre-game pictures and captions.

This photo was taken at the highest point in the center field seats (an area of seats called the "Rock Pile"). Seats are $4 here and $1 if 55 years or older. Up this high the Denver skyscrapers are visible.

In this next photo you can see where I took the previous photo from (from the top of the Rock Pile). There are two nice big screens and plenty of room to walk around above the lower level outfield seats.

The next photo is a side view of the outfield. I threw this one in because you can make out the mountain panorama if you look carefully in the background. It was a hazy afternoon so the mountains did not show up as good as they could have. This mountain panorama is a classic feature toward the west when driving around the Denver area. It is so classic that it is what is typically seen on Colorado license plates.

And last, here is a photo of the fountain and landscaped area in center field. When the Rockies hit a homerun the fountains shoot water high into the air.