Denver Zoo

Posted August 22, 2007

Category: Adventures

For my first adventure I went to the Denver Zoo. I was Haby'ied up to do some zooing. I like going to places where I can do lots of walking and looking. A zoo is a perfect such place. It is the summer season and school had not started yet so there were lots of kids, summer campers and moms. I was one of the rare guys checking out the zoo. The weather was perfect. It was sunny with the temperatures in the 80's with a low humidity. What I liked most about the zoo is that they had several animal behavior demonstrations and feedings that people could watch.

Thursday August 16 I left in the morning for the zoo. It was about a 20 mile drive into Denver to get to the zoo. I parked and then walked to the front gate. The picture below is the front gate.

I had a guide and map with me including times for the demonstrations. The first demonstration was called the "Wildlife Show". Different types of birds, a pig, a dog, squirrels, a porcupine and other animals were trained by food to either fly, run or go to a certain area and then go back. It was eye catching and surprising at times. The picture below is the set the animals and animal trainers used for the show.

The next demonstration called the "Pachyderm Demonstration" was my favorite. A happy and loveable elephant named Mimi put on a great show. The elephant did a few poses, blew water into the air through the nose, threw sawdust on its back and reached its nose for an apple. What I learned about elephants is that they do not sweat. They cool themselves by flapping their ears. By evaporative cooling the blood in the ears cools down which in turn cools the elephant. Below are a couple of photos of the elephant performance.

Next I went to the demonstration called "Wild Encounter". It was a small demonstration that focused on four animals and their relationship with each other. They were a ground hog, a turtle, an owl and the wolf. There was no actual wolf but it was talked about. The owl reminded me of a Harry Potter owl. I was ready to attached a post to its leg and have it fly it to you, lol. Below is the set to this demonstration with the owl doing an owl flap for you.

I then did lots of walking around to look at the animals. The zoo is a nice size, not too big and not too small. It took all day to do and see everything. I checked out the primate area, bird world, hoofed animals, and predators. Below are pictures of some of these animals.

Gorillas in the primate area

A loooooooog neck

A classic bison, once king of the plains


The next demonstration I went to was called "Predator Ridge Demonstration". They fed hyenas and tigers during the presentation. Below is a picture of the hyena feeding. I then got just on the other side of the glass from a big tiger to take its photo.

Go Tiger! win 4 majors next year!

Next I went to a sea lion demonstration. It was trained to swim and flip and also to strike poses. The photo below is one of the poses.

The last demonstration I went to was the penguin feeding. Aren't penguins cute! They look like little tuxes wobbling around.

I wrapped up the day by going through the Tropical Discovery building (fish, snakes, water life). Another Harry Potter memory came back when I saw the big snakes. If you know about the first Harry Potter book you know what I am talking about. Haby does not have the gift for talking to snakes.

After 6 hours of zooing I pretty much saw it all. I had a great day at the Denver zoo.