The Life Adventures and Weather Journal of Jeff Haby

Time for Summertime in Colorado!!

2008 Experiences

Haby News
Oct- Netflix movies
August- Buffalo Trip
July- Family Visit
May- Jogging
May- Cherry Creek Mall
March- A White Easter
Feb- Presidential Race
Weather Events
Dec- Record Low of -19
Dec- Snow then Cold
May- Massive Tornado
May- May 1 Snow
March- St. Pat's Snow!
March- Like a Lion
Jan- Zero Degrees!
Oct- Texas / CU Game
Sept- More Denver Zoo
August- Dem Convention
Sept- The Fort
August- MSU trip
May- Wild Buffalo Bill
March- Denver Zoo

2007 Experiences

Haby News
Dec- Holiday Season
Nov- Thanksgiving
Sept- OU-CU Football
Sept- Golf Putting
Sept- Huge Liquor Store
Sept- Habytime Cooking
Sept- Museum Week
Sept- Boulder Trip
Aug- Brighton Walk
Aug- Habytime Home
July- Denver Planning
July- Starkville Memories
Weather Events
Dec- Dec. 8 Snow time!!
Dec- Waiting for Snow
Nov- Nov. 21 Snow
Nov- Downsloping event
Oct- 80's, then snow!
Oct- 1st Colorado low
Oct- High and Dry
Sept- Cooling Rain
Sept- Sunset
Aug- Monthly Photos
Nov- Train Museum
Oct- Boo at the Zoo
Sept- Denver Walk Tour
Sept- Red Rocks Park
Sept- Butterfly Pavilion
Sept- Rocky Mountains
Aug- Denver Aquarium
Aug- Botanic Gardens
Aug- Rockies Baseball
Aug- Denver Zoo

It's Habytime!!